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The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) is pleased to present Diversity in the Physician Workforce: Facts & Figures 2014, the 18th report in the Facts & Figures Data Series. The 2014 report is also the inaugural year of the online edition of the series.

The report provides physicians, students, faculty, administrators, researchers, and policymakers with a compendium of detailed statistical information on the demographics and practice patterns of the physician workforce that graduated from U.S. M.D.-granting medical schools as well as trending information for select topics.

The report includes data from the AAMC Minority Physician Database and other AAMC data sources, as well as data from the American Medical Association (AMA) Physician Masterfile. Additionally, the report includes select data from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation State Health Facts, and the American Community Survey (ACS) Public Use Micro Data Sample (PUMS)—from the U.S. Census Bureau.


Credit: SMDEP at Howard University Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Dentistry and Medicine

The Facts & Figures Data Series is supported, in part, by a grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The foundation’s longtime support of this publication as well as other diversity initiatives is greatly appreciated.

Furthermore, considerable staff effort was involved in extracting the data, producing figures and tables, and in analysis and writing, and thus reflects the dedication and contribution of the following research staff from the AAMC Diversity Policy and Programs (DPP) unit: Sarah Conrad, M.S., Imam Xierali, Ph.D., Kehua Zhang, Ph.D., Taniecea Arceneaux, Ph.D., Lutheria Peters, M.P.H., and Michael Dill, MPAP., from the AAMC’s Center for Workforce Studies.

We will continue our efforts to meet our readers’ needs for diversity data in medical education and the physician workforce. We welcome feedback regarding this online edition and suggestions for further editions of Facts & Figures: factsfigures@aamc.org. For past editions of this data series, visit the AAMC at www.aamc.org/ factsfiguresreports.

Marc A. Nivet, M.B.A., Ed.D.
Chief Diversity Officer

Laura Castillo-Page, Ph.D.
Senior Director, Diversity Policy and Programs and Organizational Capacity Building Portfolio

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